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Engine Reconditioning

Is your engine causing you headaches? Perhaps you're not sure what the problem is.  We can help!

Our expert staff can help diagnose your fault and offer solutions to get you back motoring. In addition to our comprehensive repair and rebuilding facilities we can also offer replacement reconditioned engines and cylinder heads and have full machining facilities on the premises so that everything is done in house by our trained team.

Below are some of the common faults engines suffer from:

Cracked Cylinder Head?

An obvious indication of cylinder head gasket failure is oil in the water system. This is often visible by removing the cap from the water bottle and looking for a dirty milky substance. Another indication is water in the oil sump, perhaps less obvious to the general motorist.

A worn cylinder head may make the internals of the engine more noisy, it may allow the engine to leak and lose compression. Depending on the severity of the damage to the cylinder head, it may be better to replace than attempt to refurbish the head. Our team will be able to provide the opinion based on many years of experience!

If possible we can skim the surface of the head, and the machining work is all done on the premises. A badly warped or cracked head will require replacement. Should you need a remanufactured cylinder head, we will be happy to offer this as a service.

Crankshaft Problems

Crankshafts have very small tolerances and as they control the movement of the pistons, any wear, damage or problems to the crankshaft or the con rods can cause catastophic engine failure.

Luckily for you, we have machining facilities to be able to grind crankshafts together with many years experience on the serviceability of those in your engine.

Crankshaft bearings often fail due to excessive wear, often requiring a complete engine rebuild. Please visit our rebuild page for more information.

Pressure Testing

If a cylinder head is removed from an engine, we highly recommend that it is pressure tested prior to refitting, especially if you have completed a major engine rebuild only to weaken the engine with a worn cylinder head!

We can pressure test the cylinder head, water cooling system and engine block.

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