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Engine Rebuilds

Has your engine been damaged? Did it overheat or lose oil pressure?

Should your engine require rebuilding, Paul Inch Engine Services will take the unit into our workshop and ascertain what parts are required in order to give you a quotation before any work starts.

Once agreed, we will strip the engine, carefully removing all ancilliary parts, removing the engine from the car if required in order to gain better access.

The cylinder head is the first component to be removed, followed by all bolts, seals, sump, before the crankshaft is eventually removed. Your engine may require the crankshaft to be machined, as its tolerances are minute.

The engine block may require reboring, which is a service we offer in the workshop, and involves fitting larger pistons to match.It may be possible to consider fitting liners to the cylinders if boring is not a viable option.

Once the cylinder head is cleaned, we will pressure test it and skim ready for refitting. Finally, we will check the valves for evidence of wear and replace as necessary.

Putting it all back together, we will replace seals and piston rings, and finally a new camshaft timing belt or chain to complete the project.

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